Chicago Heights has grit. 

Your news should have it, too.

What is

Citizen Grit?

We're the go-to for news about life in Chicago Heights.

We publish crucial stories that hold powerful accountable, highlight the voices of everyday folks and dive deep into them to tell you not just what happened, but what to do about it.

The Grit is led by District 206 graduate Erika Hobbs.

We're fierce. We're independent. We're local.


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What we promise

The people of Chicago Heights have been ignored for too long.

We at Citizen Grit promise to change that. 

Here's what else we promise:

  • to publish smart, high-quality news for all residents no matter how much money they make, what they look like or what language they speak
  • to be a powerful watchdog of the city's government, elections, schools and other services
  • to create an online platform for businesses and readers to participate in publishing their own information and events  
  • to offer solutions to local issues and problems
  • we will never endorse candidates 
    or accept money from political parties or campaigns.


Stories we cover

  • The life of a little boy who died after he was hit by a car on Dixie Highway when he chased a soccer ball into the street
  • Elections: Who's running, where to vote, how political money is spent
  • The latest work by a Chicago Heights muralist
  • Who will lead the Park District
  • What's going on in schools
  • How the city will prepare for climate change

We're listening:

"There is no coverage of Chicago Heights. It’s about time we get some. We need honest reporting, unbiased news and real reporting of the facts."

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Citizen Grit is publishing stories through the end of the year and plans
a Grand Opening in early 2022.

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Who we are

Citizen Grit’s founder Erika Hobbs is an award-winning journalist and former Newsweek editor who is also a District 206 graduate.

She covered Chicago Heights as a reporter in 2019.

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